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My life as a musician

I had a very mellow childhood in a little town in France. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in music, and everything that makes a sound. My parents wanted to let me develop that creativity, so they bought me a small synthesizer. We were in the middle of the 90’s, and although we thought that the synthesizer was nothing but a toy, I really enjoyed spending time with it. In the very beginning,  I was just able to make a noise by playing with the 96 different sounds. Of course at this point, I had never heard about music theory. I told my parents that I needed to learn how to read music, and they brought me to a local music school.

It was a very small school with just a few students. Most of them were kids like me. We all needed to have one year of music theory courses before learning how to play an instrument. And there was my chance : there were piano courses in that school. Next year (and after brilliant results) I took that piano class… and left 10 years later. Meanwhile, I continued my music theory training, passing the many examinations we had with great results. In addition to that, I also took courses of acoustic and electric guitar for 6 years, as well as clarinet for 3. I was the only student of that school who had that amount of courses, and also I was the only one to succeed at the very final examination, after 8 years of music theory studies.

Later I became a teacher in that same school. I taught music theory, piano and guitar for more than 6 years. It was a great period of my life, but it was also lots of work. During this wonderful adventure, I was working on a subject that I mastered one day, and I was passionate about my job. But the students who were really interested in music were very rare, and some other teachers started to quit the job. As a result, I ended up teaching almost ALL the school students. Most of them were just there to spend time, and teaching music became horrible because of that. So I quit the following year.

The next few years were great as a musician. I took the time to develop my piano and guitar skills, and also started to learn drums. But piano was always my primary instrument, and I delved myself into the study of pieces written by famous composers. I had to rethink my method of training to handle those big pieces. A higher skills level was needed, and I wasn’t good enough. But I never gave up!

One day, as I was looking for piano videos on YouTube, I found David Hicken’s channel and told to myself « Wow, this guy is brilliant ! ». And he really is. I started to follow his work diligently, downloading and learning his pieces. Many of them are extremely difficult and require great skills, but David’s music is so amazing and motivating that it makes everyone want to play it. Not only David motivated me a lot, but he also became a great friend. He’s the one who changed my life as a musician.

Today, after years of training, I have a very good technic and stamina, as well as many other capabilities – thanks to David Hicken. I can write music for various instruments, play some great, fast and furious pieces – which I really love – and, most of all, I know what works and what doesn’t work.

My life as a webdesigner

Computing and coding came when I was a teenager. I’ve always been curious about everything, such as nature, space, and life. That part of my personality always made me want to learn how things work. I started coding because of that.

It was totally new for me, and I was a bit scared of that. I studied the languages that are used and made my very first website in a couple of days. It was not a great one, of course, but it was the first ! Mastering a language was one thing, but as you have to combine many of them in different way to produce a very good result, things are really different. After that very first experience I learned some other languages (as PHP and SQL) and then became able to produce greater websites. Meanwhile, I also learned a lot about WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop and others CMS. This knowledge allowed me to produce websites faster, even if coding was still necessary, sometimes.

I also learned a lot about the other part of the job : management, marketing, project management and economy. Then, with all this knowledge, I became a junior project manager in a Web agency. I had to act as a seller with the clients, setting up many meetings with them and/or my team. The main purpose of my job was to make sure the project would be done in time, and without any additional costs. Although I took a lot of pleasure in making websites, this job wasn’t for me.

I quit the next year, and became a freelance businessman specializing in Websites crafting. I’ve created my own society which received great success, and it still keeps me busy today. I worked for numerous clients, making websites for some, taking care of their business for the others. I received very good reviews for my work, and it’s always a pleasure to see that my clients are happy with what I do for them.

I hope you learned something interesting about me throughout these lines. You now know why I’m here, and what I can do for you and your business.

Your music deserves to get out into the world, and I can help you do so!