David Hicken's Website

When I first worked for David Hicken, his website was already in place but needed some improvements.

David's goal was to make his website easy to navigate as well as informative, while allowing his customers to easily purchase his music. I implemented the changes that David wanted to see, in addition to a number of my own ideas which have helped his site tremendously.

In order to add a modern touch, I created a new column at the right side of the main page which allows visitors to clearly see the most important elements at the first sight. I also made improvements to the main menu, such as integrating the website's title into the banner

I designed and built a "shop table" which is completely interactive and gives access to David's store, while showing people all of his products in a clear and classy way. I now act as David's webmaster and take care of his website on a daily basis.

Visit www.davidhicken.com to see exactly what I've done.

Maxime's work is outstanding and I can't recommend him highly enough. I like the fact that he goes above and beyond what I've experienced before and takes the initiatives to make sure that things are done correctly without me asking.

David Hicken