Having a website made from scratch is certainly the best option if you want a totally unique product. Whatever you would like to see on your site, I can create it for you! But first, there are a lot of things to consider, as well as some requirements.

Create your own template

Usually, clients already have an idea of the global look of their future site. Sometimes, clients already know in advance the colors they would like, as well as the font that will be used. All these details have to be seriously considered even before the beginning of the coding process. Mockups are very effective, as they show exactly how the website will look : colors, font size, elements position etc. You will end in having a brand new website that looks exactly like you want!

But, obviously, creating an entire template takes a lot of time. It involves the making of many files (at least three per pages), thousands of code lines, and a specific architecture. If you are in a hurry, please consider creating a WordPress website instead.

Your own functionalities

Functionalities are the other important part of a website. You would certainly like to add a video or audio player, or display a calendar showing your upcoming tour dates, etc. Everything is possible, but again, it takes time. Not only I will create the functionalities you want, but I will also make sure it will be displayed properly, according to your website's look.

This part of the job is generally the longest, as each functionality has to be developed individually. Some of them can be provided by third-parts softwares (such as cart systems) and will be used in order to save time and money.

A personalized Admin panel

Your brand new website will come with a personalized administration panel I will create for you, from which you will be able to manage the content. It allows you to easily add, modify and remove text, pictures, videos, as well as manage the various functionalities.

No coding or computing knowledges are required, and you will be able to manage your website in an easy and effective way. But, of course, this part of the job also takes a lot of time.


A website from scratch have some advantages, such as :

  • Unique product
  • Personalized template
  • Administration panel
  • Personalized functionalities

But it can also have its flaws, such as :

  • Lot of time required
  • Price
  • Amount of work even before starting to code
  • Fixed global look

As you can see, creating a website from scratch is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of time. That is why it's more expansive. Price starts at $3.000 and includes the creation of your personalized template, development of the functionalities you want, your personalized Administration panel and six months of free maintenance. Please note that other costs such as domain name and hosting's fees are NOT included in the base price.

Finally, please note that the price can increase depending of the functionalities complexity. Contact me to discuss your project so I'll be able to give you the exact price for my service.