Choosing a WordPress can be a very good option. It is a common CMS which has been used in millions of websites. If you are interested in having a WordPress website, here are some elements you should know about.

Websites made with WordPress offer great quality, as well as a excellent ease of use, and gives you all the tools you need to run your business smoothy. A wide variety of plugins and themes are available for WordPress, which allow us to create almost anything.

Hundreds of themes

WordPress uses a template system, which allows you to choose the global look of your future website. Basically, a theme describes the look of your site (color, fonts, layout etc.). Choosing your theme is a very important step, which requires careful consideration.

But although a template system sounds appealing, it always requires some additional work. Also, some themes allow you to modify a number of settings, ans others do not. My work involves adapting your content to the template you prefer, so the result will look beautiful and professionnal.

The administration system

Having a visually appealing and beautiful website is one thing, being able to use it successfully is another. WordPress has a great administration panel which allow you to create content quickly and easily, as well as put images or videos in various places. No knowledge of coding is necessary, therefore no headaches, but you do have to know how to write. And after a couple of hours of training, producing content on your site will be very easy.

The plugins

WordPress was originally designed for bloggers, but as a musician, you certainly need some additional functionality (such as a store, audio and video player as well as a way for your fans to get in touch with you). The great news is that you can do all of this with WordPress by using some plugins.

There are many plugins made for WordPress which will bring new functionalities to your brand new website. But,like themes, some of them work well and others require some additional work.


WordPress offers many advantages, such as :

  • Ease of use
  • Template system
  • Administration panel
  • Numerous plugins

But it can also have its flaws, such as :

  • Incorrect display of a template (which needs coding to be fixed)
  • Templates which may not have the exact look that you need
  • Administration panel difficulties, especially when the amount of elements and plugins increases
  • Not being able to find the right plugin for what you want to do, as well as setting it up

As a specialist, I can help you in building your own WordPress website. I've created many sites using WordPress and always received very good reviews of my work. By choosing this option, you will only have the benefits of this system, without any inconvenience !

WordPress Websites start at $499. This price includes the creation of the website, setting of your preferred theme as well as changes to graphic images to make the whole site look perfect. Please note that other costs such as domain name and hosting's fees are NOT included in the base price.

Contact me now to discuss your project, or ask me questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon !